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Actors Rehearsing




Workshop 1: Foundational Technique

This class introduces the fundamentals of acting technique: connecting with your scene partner through observation and listening; responding truthfully with improvisation; identifying objectives and executing strategies. With scripts in hand, students will rehearse with scene partners, gaining practical technique for authentic performance on set.

Workshop 2: Character Essentials

Building on the level 1 foundation, this class expands to incorporate the acting techniques of character development and scene building through emotional preparation, relationships, activities, and improv responses to the scene’s environment. With scripts in hand, students will rehearse with scene partners, leaving this course with the techniques needed to bring any character and scene to life in an authentic and believable way.

Workshop 3: Scene Study 

Incorporating the acting techniques from levels 1 and 2, students will practice scene study with a scene partner, receiving individualized coaching and direction.

Workshop 4: Filming Custom Scenes

Students will be provided a custom-written scene to rehearse with a scene partner, receiving individualized coaching and direction. The scenes will then be professionally filmed and edited, providing the students with custom footage for their demo reels. 

Meisner Technique (weekly class): coming  2024 (email for details:

About your instructor:

Jeremy Carr discovered a love for acting while attending Davidson Fine Arts School in Augusta, GA as a teenager. Always a fan of movies, he worked at a video rental store and spent his free time creating short films and documenting his friends’ skateboarding ventures with a camcorder. Years later, while earning a degree in music, Jeremy played in numerous bands leading to further opportunities on stage and screen. His numerous credits include acting in films and television shows, as well as writing and directing through his production company Patron Saint Films. Jeremy studied the Meisner Acting Technique with Kelley Hinman (a student of Sanford Meisner) and developed as an actor through studio work and private coaching at the Film Actors Studio (Charlotte, NC). Jeremy continues to grow as an actor and teacher through The Actor’s Center.



"I have found Jeremy to be professional, insightful, skillful and effective as an actor and a director, as well as a teacher. He is generous and knowledgeable, gifted with the ability to work with a variety of people of differing ages and skill levels. His intelligence and humor are great assets as well!"

- Marilyn Carter, Film Actors' Studio


"Jeremy is a talented and dedicated professional who puts in the work necessary to bring his best to a role. In addition to his many creative skills, Jeremy is a decent person and generous actor who brings a positive attitude and strong work ethic to any set or classroom.”

- Kelley Hinman, Meisner Acting Instructor

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